Charlotte’s Bridal Boudoir Session, by SC Boudoir Photographer

I photograph about 30 weddings per year, and a lot of my brides are doing bridal boudoir sessions with me before their big day.  My “little black books” are popular groom gifts, so if you’re engaged you might consider a bridal boudoir session too.  Here are a few images from Charlotte’s session…

Samantha’s Hotel Suite Session, by SC Boudoir Photographer

With Samantha’s permission, I wanted to share a few of my favorites from her hotel suite session earlier this year.   Samantha wanted a special gift for her hubby-to-be, so I created a custom book with about 20 of her favorites photos from her private hotel boudoir session.  It was a big hit with her man, and she says she’s loving married life.

Amy’s Studio Boudoir Session {Sneak Peek}, by Columbia, SC Boudoir Photographer

It’s that time of year when I’m booking lots of boudoir sessions for ladies who want to give their fellas something extra special for Valentine’s Day, or just because.

Not many will let me post images from their session, but Amy gave me her blessing, so here are a few of my favorites…


Nebraska Farm Boudoir Session, by Columbia SC Boudoir Photographer

I got an e-mail from someone this morning asking if I still did boudoir sessions.  She thought maybe I didn’t, because it had been so long since I posted to my boudoir blog.  🙂

Yes, I’m still offering boudoir sessions, and fit time for those into my schedule whenever I can.  This time of year is my busiest for boudoir sessions, so if you’re thinking of giving amazing images to your fella for Valentine’s Day, get in touch with me soon.

Now, to get some new images on the blog for you all….

While I was in Nebraska photographing a wedding in July, I did a boudoir session on the farm for the bride and a few of her bridesmaids.   Here are just a few that I can show you!

Colleen’s Maternity-Boudoir Session, by Columbia, SC Boudoir Photographer

My wonderful makeup artist Colleen is expecting her second baby in a few weeks and recently asked me if I’d do a maternity session.  Well, you don’t just do any run of the mill maternity session with someone as gorgeous as Colleen!  So, we set the date, got a hotel suite lined up (thanks Raven!), hauled my equipment, and did an amazing maternity-boudoir session.  Yes,  pregnancy is sexy.  Demi Moore got the ball rolling a couple decades ago, and today women all over the world are proud to show off their baby bumps— thank goodness!  Take a look at some of the images from Colleen’s session and leave a comment if you’d like!